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Držač Za Knjige Paladone - Super Mario

Držač Za Knjige Paladone - Super Mario

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Paladone UK and Nintendo work together in bringing you the officially licensed Mario and Luigi Multi-Purpose Bookends/Game Stands. The set includes two bookends featuring adorable Mario and Luigi designs. They are made from PVC plastic with rounded corners and have a height of 16 cm and a width of 26 cm. These bookends are perfect for organizing and displaying your favourite video games collections, comics, books, DVDs, and more. They also serve as decorative pieces for your study, office, school, or desk, making your workspace look tidy while showcasing your love for Mario and Luigi. It's an excellent storage assistant for fans.

*Note: This product is made of PVC plastic and allows fans to showcase their love for Mario and Luigi as an official Nintendo decoration. Due to its size and material limitations, we recommend using it to hold a small number of books or Switch/Playstation game cases. If you want to store a larger number of books or game cases, you can place shorter and thicker books on both sides of the bookend, ensuring they can stand on their own to prevent leaning or tipping.
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