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Kontroler Dragonshock Nebula Pro Wireless - Bijeli - Switch

Kontroler Dragonshock Nebula Pro Wireless - Bijeli - Switch

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The DRAGONSHOCK NEBULA PRO wireless controller allows you to play video games comfortably for hours on the NINTENDO SWITCH system, thanks to its rubbery texture that is pleasant to the touch. It\'s so soft, you won\'t want to let it out of your hands.

The controller\'s design enhances your dexterity thanks to its high-precision triggers and two analogue joysticks with ergonomic design, which make it easier to adapt your fingers to the shape of the controller and allow for more precise use. The controller is backlit, so the buttons are visible even at night and give a cool look. With this level of precision, you\'re sure to win at all your games.


  • Bluetooth® wireless connection
  • Flexible RGB LEDs
  • Built-in dual motors
  • 4 x programmable rear buttons
  • Turbo function
  • Soft rubber touch coating
  • Six-axis sensor (gyroscope)
  • Battery capacity: 550 mAh
  • Type C charging cable, 2 m
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