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Replika Noble Collection – Minecraft – Illuminating Diamond Ore

Replika Noble Collection – Minecraft – Illuminating Diamond Ore

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This illuminating diamond ore replica is full of detailed textures inspired by rock and crystal. The gem-like textures glow with the light of the LED, which has three different modes—a gentle, flickering pulse, steady illumination, and off, ready to come back on at your touch.


  • This ore may not drop actual gemstones, but it truly shines; the touch-activated LED features two modes: on, off, and a gentle pulse.
  • Measuring just over 4” tall, it’s the perfect size for any space in your home, dorm, office or wherever you play.
  • The block is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) so you never have to worry about hitting lava while searching for this ore!
  • For Minecraft fans ages 8+
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