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Runner Heroes - Enhanced Edition PS5

Runner Heroes - Enhanced Edition PS5

Redovna cijena €34,99 EUR
Redovna cijena Prodajna cijena €34,99 EUR
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Rok isporuke je 2-7 radnih dana.

Play as Colwyn and Lyssa, two lovers eternally doomed to be separated by the sun and the moon.

Use Celuria's magic to face the enemies of the evil Red Witch and defend yourself from her attacks through 47 levels in 5 worlds.

Run, jump, dive, escape using mine cars and enjoy PS5 specific upgrades.

Play alone or with friends in Runner Heroes and discover different ways to play. Play with a friend controlling different characters or share with a friend the same character.

    • New time slowdown mechanics.

    • 2 cooperative modes to play with friends.

    • RPG system to fight against the final bosses.

    • Choose your own path through the levels.

    • Test your skills through different difficulty modes.

    • 47 levels across 5 worlds.

    • Adapt to the various game mechanics.

    • Discover the story of the Red Witch.

  • Find all the collectibles.
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