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Mehanička Tipkovnica Marvo KG954 - HR LAYOUT

Mehanička Tipkovnica Marvo KG954 - HR LAYOUT

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The MARVO KG954 is a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with a detachable USB Type-C cable.

The keyboard design is frameless, beautiful and fits any environment. Great endurance and resilience are a matter of course. The keyboard has blue mechanical switches that are illuminated and can withstand tens of millions of pressures, and the keys are double-injected. The keyboard is resistant to spills of liquids.

This gaming keyboard offers an advanced anti-ghosting system that ensures smooth play of any computer game in which you use a large number of buttons at the same time. You’ll also enjoy a host of other features, such as backlight control functions, combination keys, multimedia and office functions. You can customize all this to your liking.


  • SLO / HR layout
  • Full-size mechanical gaming keyboard with detachable USB Type-C cable
  • Dedicated media keys and volume button
  • Professional blue switches and keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting protection
  • Rainbow backlight with 21 lighting modes
  • double-injected keys
  • Weight 1250g
  • Size 435 x 193 x 39 mm
  • Software Yes
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