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Miš - Redragon Aatrox Pro M811 - RGB Bežični

Miš - Redragon Aatrox Pro M811 - RGB Bežični

Redovna cijena €64,99 EUR
Redovna cijena Prodajna cijena €64,99 EUR
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Wireless Freedom Fly - The upgrade M811 Aatrox armed with hype-speed 2.4Ghz wireless connection tech offers fast and precise input and actuation. Cordless keeps nothing in your way to win, enjoy soaring to the sky fast and high.

Pentakill, 5 DPI Levels - Geared with 5 redefinable DPI levels (default as: 1000/2000/4000/8000/26000), easy to switch between different game needs. Dedicated demand of DPI options between 100-26000 is also available to be processed by software.

Take The Advanced Shot - 15 programmable buttons are all editable with customizable tactical keybinds in whatever game or work you are engaging. Default 2 + 8 epic MMO side buttons will get you all covered, hit your hotkeys/keybinds faster than ever with M811.

Comfort & Natural Grip - Following the natural structure of the human hand, the M811 is perfectly shaped for long-lasting use. It makes you easily to handle am to pm gaming parties or overtime & overdue work with less fatigue.

5 Decent Backlit Modes - Turn the backlit on and make some kills in your gaming battlefield. The hyped dynamic RGB backlit vibe will never let you down when decorating your gaming space, it would be better with other Redragon accessories with lights on.

Uncompromised Driver Support - All 15 buttons with hotkeys, media, DPI settings and 16.8 million color lighting effects are all customizable with Redragon dedicated software. Pre-aim your opponents and get overwhelming to the victory in your exactly wanted way.


  • 15 Programmable Buttons
  • Professional Programming Software
  • 5 onboard DPI levels (500/1000/2000/3000/6200)
  • Ergonomic Natural Grip Build
  • 10 Side Macro Keys
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