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The Crown Of Wu - Legend Edition PS5

The Crown Of Wu - Legend Edition PS5

Redovna cijena €29,99 EUR
Redovna cijena Prodajna cijena €29,99 EUR
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Rok isporuke je 2-7 radnih dana.

Get ready to explore a new world inspired by "Journey to the West", a traditional tale about the monkey king.

Throughout multiple scenarios, Wu will fight enemies and solve puzzles to improve his skills, to become more and more skilled in solving the riddle of the disappearance of his crown.


  • Recover Wu's crown
  • Get ready to jump, run and parkour as you solve intricate puzzles and overcome increasingly complex trials as you progress through the levels.
  • Control the four elements by harnessing the powers of air, fire, earth and lightning. Each of your powers gives you a way to work with the environment or against your enemies.
  • Combat System
  • Discover a fresh and simple combat system that grants you incremental powers as you solve the mystery of the crown.
  • An ancient and new land
  • Inspired by Chinese mythology and created to tell a new story of Sun's journey from anti-hero to hero.

This edition includes:

  • Base game
  • Special Edition Case/Holster
  • Postcard set
  • Letter from Wu
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